Richard and Daryl working as CAMS
Accredited Grid Marshals at the
VMRC (round 3) at Sandown.


Modified Register Committee members Richard Milligan and Daryl Lloyd have been busy attending the CAMS Officials Accreditation courses so that they will soon hold CAMS Grade 3 Officials Licenses.
This is the new requirement that has been brought on by the insurance industry to help make motor sport in Australia safer.
All Officials had to be CAMS Accredited by January this year.
"We have been working as Track Marshals and Grid Marshals at MGCC run National, State and Club level events since June '02 and have now had a lot of experience." (Richard said). "This has just added another dimension to the Modified Register and what we can offer our members. We really enjoy being part of the team of a well oiled machine (MGCC) and being so close to the action at these major events.
There are opportunities to work at V8 Supercar events and even F1 if you want to put in the effort".... Richard noted.

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Updated June 2004