Linsey Griffin's black rotary convertible

We think that this is the Hot Rotary Morris Minor Convertible that was
built by Peter Todd from Mentone Smash Repairs in the late '70's.

MMCCV Inc. founding member David "Pretty Boy" Floyd described
(at a MMCCV club meeting) having a ride in this vehicle at the illegal
drags in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong one Saturday night in
1978/79..... Richard Milligan has met Peter Todd, who described the
car in detail to Richard at the time. Richard has since had a good
look at this Morrie and is sure that this is the same car!

It has a 12A Mazda Rotary motor with 5 speed g/box, complete
Marina front end (incl. Marina discs & rack) and Marina rear
end with telescopic shockers all round.

Previous owner Joe Aquilina, keep this car under wraps for about
20 years, and it (unfortunately) rarely saw the light of day.

Linsey purchased this Morrie from Joe in 2006 and has since spent
a lot of time and money getting it back on the road on Club Plates.
Linsey and his wife are attending lots of events, including Hot Rod
Club Cruz Nights and displays.


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updated 12/2/07