Morwell Hillclimb 11/4/05 - Round 2 of the Victorian Hillclimb Championship
(Report by Mike Barker)

Saturday practice

I ran the car at Morwell last weekend in round 2 of the Victorian Hillclimb Championship - quite an experience.  On the Saturday I decided that I would be able to take the left hander leading into the ‘Key Hole’ in third under power – when I recovered from the spin I thought “well that doesn’t work!”.  I spent Saturday coming to terms with the cars limits.  The trick is to come into the corners fast enough to make a reasonable time, but not so fast that you lose the tail under brakes or get heavy understeer on power.


Morwell shows up the Morry’s short comings.  It is getting severe understeer.  At one stage I considered disconnection the sway bar but thought that I would just put up with it and use this meeting as a learning experience.  I think I will have to fit a rear sway bar to offset the understeer.

Sunday competition

They placed the Morry in Improved Production under 1600, which turned out OK for me as you can see by the charts below.  On the first run I came into Skyline too hot and spun, finishing up with a time of 58 seconds.  I eventually did a 40.48 and this time was good enough for 3rd in class.  I have included below a couple of tables from the results. The fastest two times in our class were the same car. Ronn Jay was doing the most massive burn-outs to heat his tyres.

This Sunday (April 17) Mike will be running at Myrniong.  Then on May 15 it will be over to Mt Leura for Round 3 (final round).

This Report was taken from an e-mail that Mike sent us on 13/4/05.


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Updated 14/4/05