Jon Giles and his pit crew Sonia have put together a Speedway car!
They unveiled the black monster 'H8 Ball' at our June meeting.
It's a black 2 Door Morris Minor 1000, running an MG motor and disc brakes...The rolling shell was donated by Martin Fritzlaff and the MG engine by Simon... (Jon and Martin are building another one!)
It has been completely stripped-out and ran its first Speedway event at Eaglehawk near Bendigo on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of June. Here are some pics of the car taken immediatly after the event... more pics of H8 Ball ...  H8 Ball in action

Mike Barker ran his 2 Door Morris Minor at the Mount Tarrangower Hillclimb on the 25th and 26th of October and got a great result.
Mike also ran his car at Historic Rob Roy Hillclimb on Sunday 28th November and managed a low 28.48 seconds.
He is running his 2 Door 1000 with a modified 1275cc A Series engine... more pics and info on Mike's car

 Work has started on the Lilac Racer since the Supercharger imploded at Calder last year....
Jon pulled the head off the 1275cc engine and found some bits of the supercharger jammed in a couple of the valves. There were small bits of metal in the cylinders, but apart from some small dents on two pistons the engine looks OK.
Richard and Jon intend to re-fit the head and run the car with a Weber carburetter, while Jon gets another one of his superchargers sorted out. We hope to have it back on the track by mid 2005... more pics and info

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Updated 23/2/05