News from the Front

At a rapid rate of knots the year is drwaing to a close. We've seen many great motorsport events come and go.
Still plenty more to come, though. I've even been able to attend a couple and compete in one as a Modified register member.
Esteemed member Richard Milligan managed to drag himself off to Phillip Island with the MG to compete in the MG class of the Victorian
State Circuit Racing Series.
I attended the Sunday where I saw him come last in both races. It was pretty much the flavour of the weekend for him.
Saturday wasn't much better and he remained a back marker all weekend. Poor Richard, god,you must cop it when you go to the MGCC meetings!
I managed to run my Leyland P76 at the Interclub Challenge at Rob Roy on September 23rd and ran some pretty respectable times except the class
I was in (3 litres and over) contained a couple of Porsche turbos, an AWD Subaru and some Mazda MX5 turbos,
so that comparison was not that great. More on that a little later....
Our next meeting will be held at Morris Garages, 6/3 Scoresby Road, Bayswater this Thursday night 18th of October. Meeting starts around 8pm.
Byo chair and some drinks. There will be a BBQ and some video footage from previous runs taken by various members,
followed by the usual Yakkity-Yak. There will also be a car on display and a guest speaker. A gold coin donation will also help us with the BBQ.
Still plenty of events to go to this year, The Mt Tarrengower Historic Hillclimb at Maldon is on this weekend on the 21st.
It's always interesting to see some of the cars that turn up to this one.
Another one that's always great is Historic Sandown. There have been Rumours flying around that Sandown might close as a motor
racing track at the end of this year.
I can now say this is definitely untrue. The V8 Supercar Sandown 500 may be moved to Phillip Island due to Noise restrictions
rather than the track closing.
Everything is still fine there for the moment. Historic Sandown is on Friday / Saturday / Sunday November 9th, 10th & 11th.
One more to put in your diaries of particular interest is Historic Rob Roy on Sunday November 25th.
Richard has entered his Group Sb MGB to run in this one. Don' come last in this one, Richard.
Our Calendar has plenty more dates for you to put in your memory banks, why don't you check them out.
Don't forget the website is constantly being updated with events and news.


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Updated 9/1/08