Modified Register Past News

What happened at the December '06 Meeting...


This meeting was HUGE!... and was held once more at Jon's place in Oakleigh.
Members and their friends, prospective new members and some past members
were present at the anual Christmas break-up... it's getting bigger every year!
Jon organised a guest speaker, who gave us a talk on a fuel additive.
Supper was supplied by Jon and the Club.
Former (early 1980's?) MMCCV member and modified enthusiast
Rick Flannigan was welcomed and joined our ranks!
We all had a great time and some stayed on till after midnight.


What happened at the October '06 Meeting....

Damien Hewish, with his Twincam 998cc 'A' Series head, was guest
speaker at our October meeting (picture by Richard Milligan) more pics....


This meeting was the most successful meeting so far this year, and was
held at Morris Garages' new premises.

Daimien Hewish was the draw-card that most members wanted to see.
He gave us a really great talk on how he managed to adapt a twin cam
head to his A Series Mini engine.

Our new member Linsey put his new acquisition, a black 12A Rotary
Convertible, on display near the front door of the workshop.
After Damiens talk, Linsey told us how he found ex member Joe
Aquilina's modified Morris Minor Convertible and the work that he
has done on it since to get it RWC and CH plates.

We all had a great time and the meeting finished at aprox 11.00pm.

Supper was supplied by Morris Garages in the form of hot dogs.


What happened at the August '06 Meeting....

This was our annual winter meeting held at Harringtons Bakeries.

Lloyd fired-up one of those huge bakers ovens to keep us all warm.

Supper was supplied, as promised, by the club in the form of Pizza.

We had a potential new member attend to check us out.

Daryl and Richard gave their Presidents and Treasurers reports.


What happened at the June '06 Meeting....


On Thursday 22nd June a small, but dedicated group of 'die hard'
members met at Sofia's in Wheelers Hill.
We all enjoyed ourselves and the food was good.
We were a bit disappointed at the smaller than expected turn-out,
but it was'nt bad considering the size of our club.
We had a few members call beforehand to let us know that they could'nt
make it on the night, and 'Uncle Lloyd had trouble finding the joint.
For those who didn't make it... you missed a memorable night.


What happened at the February '06 Meeting....


Most of our members turned-up to our annual AGM to pay their membership
fees and work-out who would make-up the Committee for 2006.

President Daryl gave a short report and reminded us that this year
was significant to the club... being it's 10th year!

Richard (our Treasurer) announced that we had made the right decision to keep
the fees at the already low $35.00, as this had encouraged everyone to re-new and
we should still have a surplus after the CAMS Affiliation Fee is paid this year!
We should be able to build on that surplus throughout the year with supper donations
of a $2 coin being collected at every meeting... Members will be asked to take it in
turns to provide sausages and bread at the meetings.

Supper was provided by the club on this occasion.

Our Treasurer reminded everyone that we are looking to increase our membership
again in 2006, as our goal is to lower our membership fees (again) in 2007.

March update... It looks like we will have two new members joining our ranks in April (Treasurer).

The 2005 Committee was elected unopposed, but we still would like some other members
to volunteer their services for Vice President, Secretary or Events Co-ordinator.

Thanks to Jon for providing the Venue once again.


What happened at the December '05 Meeting....


The last meeting for 2005 saw a return to Jon's place in Oakleigh

All members, plus their some of their friends (and prospective new members),
came to this meeting to make it the best attended meeting of the year!

The big announcement of the evening came from Daryl (acting for our Treasurer, who was
absent), that CAMS had actually heard our plea and responded by lowering the Affiliation fee.
This means that we could actually lower our membership fee for the second year in a row!
... but the Committee has decided to keep it at the current low $35.00.
... This will ensure that we can manage other future responibilities and costs this
year and not rely on donations and the benevolence of some members.

We are looking to increase our membership again in 2006, as we would like to lower
our membership fee again in 2007... This goal could be easily achived, as we have
very low overheads and this puts us in a strong financial position (Treasurer).

Please don't forget that membership fees (only $35.00!) are now due and need to be paid
by the February meeting at the latest!

The meeting finished at aprox. 10.30pm and jon had to (eventually) kick us out at 10.45pm.

Thank's to Jon for providing the Venue, food and hospitality.


What happened at the October '05 Meeting....


The meeting was held at Morris Garages' new workshop.

It was a bit disapointing, as the numbers were down.

Uncle Lloyd's Panelvan broke down on arrival, so Daryl and Lloyd
spent the first hour or so sorting out an electical problem.

Supper was supplied by Morris Garages in the form of hot dogs and coffee.

So we fired-up the barbie and pigged out!

Two committee positions are still vacant.


What happened at the August '05 Meeting....

The meeting was held at Harringtons Bakeries.

Supper was supplied as promised by Morris Garages in the form of Pizza.
No (supper) donations were asked for at this meeting.

Another excellent Newsletter from Daryl!

Daryl and Richard gave their Presidents and Treasurers reports.

Mike gave an update on the repairs to his car and his progress in
the Victorian Hillclimb Championships.

Two committee positions are still vacant.


What happened at the June '05 Meeting....

The Modified Register held it's 9th anniversary at our June meeting.
The meeting was held at Morris Garages.
We raised $8.00 in (supper) donations which will go towards any shortfall
in CAMS Affiliation costs for 2006 and/or a Trophy Fund for next year.
The supper, in the form of Hot Dogs and coffee, was donated by Morris Garages.
This was also to be a farewell meeting to the present site of Morris Garages,
who will be moving into new premises next month.

Congratulations to Daryl for another excellent Newsletter.

We anounced our new member Russell Pavey from Queensland (see reports above).

Richard reported that we are in a stronger financial position this year.
All of our 2004 members have renewed, with the possibility of membershop increasing.
Due to lower overheads, we were able to lower our subscription from $45.00 (2004)
to $35.00 and we have more money in the bank than this time last year!

We had a very good turn-out, with 90% of the membership attending!
Future plans for the club to move forward were presented to the members
for discussion and we will now wait for member feedback at our next meeting.

Mike gave an update on his progress in the Victorian Hillclimb Championships.

Richard and Daryl gave an update on Russell Pavey's latest efforts
at the Drag Strips in NSW.

Two committee positions are still vacant.


Modified Register Meeting 21st. April  '05......

This is our 9th year! ... and the Modified Register's 9th anniversary in June.
Congratulations went to Daryl for a great job as President for the last
14 months... and also for an excellent Newsletter this month.

Discussion on Russel Pavey's Morris Minor Drag car.

Proposal and agreement on donation for supper to commence from June.

Proposal and agreement on annual trophy for best and fairest racer.

Discussion on ideas of how to best promote the club in 2005...
Daryl and Richard to attend more MMCCV meetings this yearand to syncronise
the reports and articles that are submitted to the Generator, so that the
'Mother Club' is kept more informed of our activities.

Personalised new membership cards handed out.

Trevor reluctantly resigns as Vice President... Daryl and Richard
thank Trevor for his assistance over the last few years
... two committee positions are now vacant, but no one volunteers.

All moneys have been banked, and membership dues were finalised
... 2005 CAMS fee to be finally paid next week.


Modified Register Meeting 17th February '05......

Thank's to CAMS lowering their Affiliation fee this year, the Committee has been able
to pass on the savings and lower our annual membership fee for 2005 to just $35.00!

Membership renewals are now overdue, and are a bargain at only $35.00 for 2005!

Our AGM meeting, on the 17th of Feb '05, had a 99.9% attendance rating!
No nominations were received, so nominations were then called for from the floor.
Everyone present were satistfied with the way the club was being run,
so there were no changes to the current committee positions.
Several more memberships were processed... so the bank manager will be happy!

Jon and Martin are busy building another Morris Minor Speedway car,
using Nissan Sunny 1400 running gear.
Jon, Sonya and Martin are running two speedway cars at Eaglehawk in June
and are considering entering at an MGCC Observed Section Trail this year.
Mike Barker is going to try-out Morwell Hillclimb for a change in 2005.


Modified Register Meeting 18th December '04......

No one can remember what happened!


Modified Register Meeting 21st October '04......

This meeting was held back at Jon's place in Oakleigh.

We had a really good turn-out !

Jon showed the "H8 BALL" Speedway video and repeated the funny interveiw with Chester and Thorpe at Rob Roy Hillclimb
last June.

Jon showed-off his Marshall supercharger that had just been reconditioned, but wasn't sure whether he should put it on the
Lilac Racer again, as he feared Richard would blow it up again.... Martin tried to prevent Richard from touching it !

    We covered the official business of the club. Daryl did a great job as President once again and Richard had to really try not to interfer in the agenda of the meeting... a hard habbit to break after 8 years as President!

Thank's to Jon for providing the venue and the "snags" and also to "Uncle" Lloyd Harrington for providing the cakes
and donuts again.


Modified Register Meeting 19th August '04......

Our last meeting was held at Harrington's Bakeries in Vermont.

Our investigative Journalist, Jon Gile's, showed us his latest controversial video in which he used his 'Michael More' journalist style in the interviews
The main vedeo was of Chester Mc Kaige and Thorpe driving their modified Morris Minor for the first time at Rob Roy on Sunday 18th July...
There were the expected interviews with Chester, Thorpe and Mark (pit crew and CAMS Official extrordanaire!)
some very good and at times funny interviews by Jon.
Chester and Thorpe have some trouble getting traction at the start, but Thorpe manages a reasonable time of 35sec. and on his last run has a big loose!

We also viewed a video that Daryl provided on the testing of the Morris Minor on the Autobarns of Germany in the early fifties.

It got too late to see Jon's vedeo of "Hateball" at the Speedway in Eaglehawk, so we called it a night and decided to show this at the next meeting at Jon's place in October.

Thank's to "Uncle" Lloyd Harrington for providing the warm venue and the cakes and donuts.


Modified Register Meeting 17th June '04......

Jon Giles and his pit crew Sonia have put together a Speedway car!
They unveiled the black monster 'Hate Ball' at our meeting last night.
It's a black 2 Door Morris Minor 1000, running an MG motor and disc brakes...

The rolling shell was donated (once again) by Martin Fritzlaff and the MG engine by Simon.
It has been completely stripped-out and is ready for its first Speedway event near Bendigo on the weekend of the 19th & 20th of June.
LATEST UP-DATE... The event was run and the video will be shown at the next Modified Meeting at 'Uncle' Lloyd's Bakery on 19th of August. These are the latest pics of the car taken immediately after the event. We will be uploading more pics and a report on this weekend soon... more pics of hateball ...  Hateball in action

Mike Barker has entered the Rob Roy Interclub Hillclimb this Sunday 20th June.
He is running his 2 Door 1000 with a modified 1275cc A Series engine and managed a low 29.29 sec in the Victorian Hillclimb Championship held at Rob Roy in March... more pics and info on Mike's car

 Work has started on the Lilac Racer since the Supercharger imploded at Calder last year....
Jon pulled the head off Richard's 1275cc engine last week and found some bits of the supercharger jammed in a couple of the valves. There were small bits of metal in the cylinders, but apart from some small dents on two pistons the engine looks OK.
Richard and Jon intend to re-fit the head and run the car with a Weber carburetor, while Jon gets another one of his superchargers sorted out... more pics and info

Also... Singer/Songwriter Delta Goodram's producer has just purchased a Morris Minor
2 door Sedan from Jon Giles. According to Jon... "the car will be turned into a convertible
and used in her latest film clip."


Modified Register Meeting 15th April '04......

Dary Lloyd did a good job chairing the meeting for the first time since taking over the Presidency from Richard.

Richard congratulated Daryl on the production of his first Newsletter and added that the re-shuffle had been a good thing, as he was now able to spend more time on developing the Website and on coming events.

We also managed to raise the shortfall needed to pay our CAMS Affiliation Fee for this year, with some extra cash to spare!

Mike Barker gave us a report on the Victorian Hillclimb Championship held at Rob Roy in March.
Mike got his 2 door 1000 a CAMS Logbook and ran in the 'Improved Production' class coming 8th with an excellent time of 29.29sec.


Modified Register AGM 18th Feb '04......

Last years committee was re-elected unopposed, but we decided that a 'shuffle of the deck' was in order for 2004.....
The shock of the AGM was when Richard Milligan (Founding President) decided to make a tough decision and stand down, in favor of his chosen candidate Daryl Lloyd.
"I have chosen Daryl to take over my position, as he has just finished two straight years as Secretary of the 'mother club' (MMCCV Inc) and is keen to take on a new challenge... I am confident that Daryl can do a great job, I wish him well and I know that the modified register members will give him all the help and support that he needs."
"As the Founding President, I felt that after 8 years it was time to give someone else a go." .... Richard said.

Richard announced that at the MMCCV AGM, Daryl had also agreed to be our Delegate to the MMCCV Inc. and will therefore represent our interests at the MMCCV meetings.... This re-instated position includes:
Being the contact person for the Modified Register, giving a report at the MMCCV meetings each month and writing regular reports for the MMCCV Newsletter 'The Generator'.

Richard announced that he would continue as Webmaster.

Nominations were called from the floor for the positions of Treasurer, Secretary and the newly created Events Co-ordinator... No one volunteered, so Richard agreed to be both Treasurer and Events Co-ordinator, until someone else could be 'roped-in' later in the year.
Trevor Bennet will continue as Vice President and offered to act as Secretary, taking the minutes at the meetings.

Mike Barker announced that he was returning to the fold and a unanimous decision was made to stay affiliated with CAMS.... All members present re-newed their subs at this meeting.

Our ‘Uncle’ Lloyd Harrington won the Chester McKaige Trophy for the 'Best and Fairest' MMCCV member 2004!... its good to see one of our members being recognized for their contributions to the MMCCV Inc.... Congratulations Lloyd!

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