Modified Register founding member and past President Richard Milligan in his
HOT MGB powered 1000 Ute at Melboune's Historic Rob Roy Hillclimb.
Richard posted the fastest time for a Morris Minor (28.06) in 1997.



Richard's Ute has a fully race prepared MGB 1800 motor with an overdrive
gearbox, power assisted disc brakes and telescopic shockers all round.
Suspension is solidly bushed with nylon, GT Cortina rear axle.
It has 10"X14" chrome wheel with 265/50/14 BF Goodrich tyres on the rear
and 6"X13" chrome wheels with 215/50/13 Goodrich tyres on the front.

The MGB motor is bored + 0.40" and is running 10.5:1 on 98 octaine unleaded,
a super sprint cam, ported head with hard seats, 45mm side draft Weber carb
(with inlet manifold matched to the ports), modified Bosh distributor,
custom made extractors, light flywheel, competition clutch, fully balanced,
lightened and balanced pistons and rods, baffled sump and high volume oil pump.

It also runs an MGB oil cooler and a Mazda RX 4 radiator.

This motor spins to 8,000 RPM in first and second gear and 7,500 RPM in third gear.



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Updated 28/12/04