Details of Scotty Gosson's Morris Minor Drag car.....

'61 Morris Minor

2"X4" mild steel frame

Opel GT front suspension

Mopar 8 3/4" rearend w/ 3.91 spool and Dutchman axles

Rear suspension is tube shocks, utility trailer leaf springs and a Mopar pinion snubber

Engine was been a 406" small block Chevy, but I'm now de-stroking that to 377"

Transmission is a Powerglide with trans brake and TCI 10" 4200 stall converter

Best time so far: 10.32@127mph Not bad for a mild street motor - I drive it a few days a week...

This car was originally built for $20 a week, stretched out over many years (began project in 1985) - currently I have $7,000 in it. All work done at home by me. This is the first car I built from scratch - since then, I've built many for customers and my skills have improved some. So I'm re-doing some things on it now, before going to Bonneville in September - this trip will be chronicled in Rod and Custom magazine (I write for them) and I don't want people to see the crappy work I once did!


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Updated 27/6/07